In the Studio with Berta Burr

In these extraordinary times, we are sharing the views from our artists’ studios, offering glimpses into their practice.  What are they working on? What are they listening to?  How are they responding to the current moment?  Each artist shares, in his or her distinctive voice. 


This week, from Berta Burr.


"During these challenging times I keep returning to Chopin waltzes.  The Waltz in E-flat Major op.18, called a Grande Valse brillante is Chopin's first published waltz and the first piece on my recording.  It evokes 19th century Paris and begins over an hour of glorious music, and accompanies me in the studio.


De Kooning said, "I have to change to stay the same."  I think I know what he meant. I am bringing fresh eyes to old challenges.  I'm continuing to do skyscapes.  I've a series of 9 x 12 inch oil sketches that I reward  myself with as a painterly treat.  I amuse myself making collages."


May 8, 2020