In the Studio with Dorothy Simpson Krause

In these extraordinary times, we are sharing the views from our artists’ studios, offering glimpses into their practice. What are they working on? What are they listening to?  How are they responding to the current moment?  Each artist shares, in his or her distinctive voice.  


This week, from Dorothy Simpson Krause sharing her artist book in progress, delving into this current crisis and pandemics throughout history.


"Vacillating between sadness and anger, it's good that I have problems to solve. The drum-leaf binding wasn't a satisfactory solution to working against the grain so I've changed to a 60 lb Strathmore Artagain Black, which will allow me to tear 6" x 9" sheets with the grain.


The book will be 6" x 4.5" with one section of 16 pages per week. I've sewn the first quarter of the year, January, February and March, 192 pages, and although this quarter isn't complete, I've begun on the second quarter/ volume, trying to keep up.


There is a brief synopsis of the week's news in each section with collaged materials and my comments in pencil. 19 images of historic pandemics, printed on newsprint in keeping with the collaged materials, are placed in chronological order throughout the book.


When the pandemic ends, I'll decide whether the book is too fat to be bound as one or should be divided into volumes. Either way, I think the spine will be red leather and the covers black leather.

I wish I were doing something more positive and uplifting but I feel obligated to document this tragedy. At least it's keeping me focused."

May 28, 2020