Authentic expression is the consistent through line in my work, and I hope for a connection as a result that will act as a prism, inspiring invigorated interpretations. I make clusters of paintings, drawings, and objects, in series like spokes of a wheel with a shared center. My voice weaves through narratives that conjure contrariety. I layer marks with an array of mediums on varying surfaces developing a poetic stance. Chaos becomes the main event as form is established and destroyed in a process of transformation, where the delicate and rugged coexist. An inherent intuitive occupancy of an interior psychological world, I trust, has gravity as the personal parallels public import. Imperfect surfaces, including paint, embroidery, uneven stitching, and surprising odd elements conjure associations, revealing a physical methodology.


A multimedia approach allows for a thorough interrogation and an open ended, all inclusive, perspective on a subject. In a circular system, themes are developed over time. Recently, oil painting studies on canvas of conch bodies wind toward a protected center— hard and heavy with delicate fragile edges— exquisite pinks glisten at the shells opening. A collection of found trays made of wood and metal, “serve” as a surface for paintings that address the notion of roles played and carried out, and the hard tools or props linked to a particular position. I use found materials that might act as a signifying flag tucked into a work. Carefully curated fragments migrate from abandoned material to a central focus or a repurposed ground— location and boundary are currents of concern. 


Public and private drama permeate in subtle and monumental ways as the course of a life unfurls. Imagery gravitates toward the dramatic as experience in, and exposure to, the performing arts infuses a desire to depict scenes that arise from behind closed doors, or below the surface. Of late, I establish a canvas by tilling the ground, so to speak, with a needle and thread on muslin. Once a topographical collaged mixed media surface is conceived I move into the refinement with wet mediums bringing the painting to life. Figurative elements are combined with the allegorical, creating a visionary setting where abstract ideas— memory, desire, and the mystical are present. I use color to describe an experience. As projects are pursued simultaneously, a dialogue begins to sound that communicates a cumulative magnifying emotional landscape.