Malcolm Moran: A Bird Rested Upon His Thoughts

3 - 26 February 2011

571 Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new mixed media works by Malcolm Moran, curated by Joe Elliott. This is Moran's first show with the gallery. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, February 3, 6-9pm.


Moran's drawings and monoprints feature a variety of media which include a combination of water and oil based paint, gouache, charcoal, graphite and ink with each work referencing a level of consciousness that is deeply self reflective and inescapably honest. Often intertwining humour with sadness, and mythology with personal fable, the exhibition explores not only the artist's visually expressive nature but also his ability to connect with the viewer through a didactic of emotion.


Using the picture plane as his stage, Moran directs a cast of whimsical characters who act as visual representations of private monologues. Though these characters often venture beyond the realm of man into that of the beast, each becomes emblematic of the human psyche. Birds, horses and goats are often depicted, highlighting the allegorical relationships found in each composition. While Moran's work stems from a highly personal dialogue, it carries within itself a deeply human universality.


Despite coming from a tradition of collage, Moran is a draftsman at heart and thus a mixed media approach informs a fluid and physical sensibility. The drawings and enhanced monoprints are multi- layered both in material and concept. Infantile representations are intertwined with masterful strokes, creating situations devoid of objective reality though charged with energy and the use of different media including graphite and water-based inks allow for these intended shifts in normalcy.


A native of the Louisiana marshlands, Moran received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has exhibited with Lilly Islin Gallery and Virginia Lynch Gallery, both in Rhode Island, and the Contemporary Art Center, Simonne Stern Gallery, and Aldrich Leatherman Gallery in New Orleans. Additionally he has received a Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont.