Artist Matilde Alessandra's New Site Specific Work "Seen Anything Interesting"

The 2019 Venice Biennale

Bugno Art Gallery is proudly presenting a site-specific light installation by artist Matilde Alessandra, on the occasion of the XXXXXVIII Biennale dell’Arte. Seen anything interesting? is the burning question on everyone's lips, arguably the most overly-made inquiry during not just the Biennale, but any other large scale art event around the world, where our quest to be surprised, stimulated and bedazzled brings us on a genuine treasure hunt.


Making an open reference to the title of this year' event, "May You Live in Interesting Times," with this piece Matilde Alessandra is inviting us to ponder on what exactly are we looking for, and on what did we expect to find, here and now, in our endless search for the interesting. Inquiring ironically if we are satisfied with our trip, if Venice, the Biennale and Art in general have met our expectations, she teases our fatiguing efforts of keeping abreast of the art scene, and our fears of missing out on something worthwhile - both made all the more disconcertingly real here, in the laborious, seemingly impenetrable labyrinths of Venice.


Seen Anything Interesting is on view May 7 - November 30 at Campo San Fantin, San Marco, Venice, across from the famed La Fenice Opera House.

May 2, 2019