In the Studio with Melora Griffis

In these extraordinary times, we are sharing the views from our artists’ studios, offering glimpses into their practice.  What are they working on? What are they listening to?  How are they responding to the current moment?  Each artist shares, in his or her distinctive voice.  


This week, from Melora Griffis.


"Sheltered in place alone, the world is magnified and reflected from a device held in the palm of a hand. An opportunity to consider the sea change in our midst arises from a communal pause. Agendas appear to have gone awry - parties canceled. Humanity has delivered an invitation to examine the quality of our collective condition as well as our individual one. My work is personal. As a result of this self-reflection, it enters into a dialogue with a broader social conscience. There is no end to the spectrum of color in skin when painting a portrait. The essence of the human spirit is all dressed up asking the question: Where she will go?"

July 23, 2020