odd lot: recent paintings by Dusty Boynton

10 September - 30 October 2021

571 Projects is pleased to present odd lot, a selection of recent work by artist Dusty Boynton. Alive with immediacy, Boynton's large scale, irreverent paintings buzz with energetic line and color, pulling the viewer into vibrant, eccentric worlds peopled by a vast array of characters.  Humor lies cheek by jowl with seriousness, joy with sadness, human awkwardness with human grace: Boynton paints from her heart and the whole gamut of the lived, human experience is present within her work.  The exhibition will be on view September 10 through October 30 at 571 Projects, 56 Park Street, Stowe, Vermont. The gallery will host an Artist Reception on September 10th, 5 - 7p.  All are welcome.


Authenticity and generosity pervade Boynton's rich output, and her recent work builds on this practice.  Spare lines, made with long brushes, define her figures.  Born from a pure, intuitive space, she imbues her figures with an uncommon depth of personality and emotional heft, creating rich psychological relationships and a sense of intimacy with the viewer.  Characterized both by the immediacy and gravitas of 'child's play,' Donald Kuspit wrote in his Artforum review of her work, "inspired, convulsive gestural handling makes the world seem surprisingly fresh."  Boynton empowers the emotional, the spontaneous, the innate, giving free rein to her boundless creativity in her immersive works.  As she is fond of saying, "I leave my head at the [studio] door."  Listening to music at high volume in her studio allows her to access her own joyfulness and freedom as these emotions are translated onto the canvas.  Boogie Man (2021, oil on linen, 72 x 44 in.) might be her dance partner - or ours - arms outstretched, a cartoonish red smile bigger than his face as he grooves against a dark background.  Big Gulp (2016, mixed media on canvas, 46 x 58 in.) presents a dense and overlapping composition of figures, which here appear to be fantastical human hybrids, overseen by a large fish-like creature with a knowing expression.  Life, love and relationships between people and animals are all considered and celebrated in Boynton's lively works.  She hopes you will feel moved to join her party - what is clear is that everyone is invited.


Born in Connecticut where she grew up on a farm, Boynton enjoys her long and illustrious career, and her work has been shown extensively in New York City and beyond, including solo exhibitions at The Bennington Museum (Bennington, VT), The Delaware Contemporary (Wilmington, DE), Burlington City Arts (Burlington, VT), The Current (formerly The Helen Day Art Center, Stowe VT); and recurring shows with Denise Bibro Fine Arts (New York, NY).  Her work is in numerous private and public collections.  She lives and works in Northern Vermont.