seven: Matilde Alessandra, Berta Burr, Brian Fekete, Sally Gil, Melora Griffis, Jimmie James & Dorothy Simpson Krause

7 January - 29 October 2022

571 Projects is pleased to present seven, a highly curated group exhibition featuring work by all current gallery artists: Matilde Alessandra, Berta Burr, Brian Fekete, Sally Gil, Melora Griffis, Jimmie James, and Dorothy Simpson Krause.  This ongoing show seeks to forefront the dynamic dialogues and surprising cross pollination that occur when disparate voices are placed in visual conversation with one another.  Spanning abstraction to figuration, unexpected links and harmonies are created through the selected works. The number seven is significant in many mythologies and religions - and in everyday life is considered lucky - here we are considering a grouping of seven works from seven artists.  There is a sympathy in the artists’ mixed media processes: Gil, Griffis, and James’ working across collage and painting, sewn fabric and painting, painting and drawing, respectively: individual investigations into textured, layered grounds, which meet the painterliness of Burr’s finely painted sky and cloud, and the exquisite vision of Krause, which, like Fekete’s gouache on paper work The Art of Discretion, reference art historical notions of beauty.  Seven opens January 7, 2022, and will be on view by appointment only at 56 Park Street, Stowe, VT.


From Alessandra’s delicate cross hatching building subtle drama in Untitled #57 to Burr’s aerial, nuanced cloud scape 5/26 in oils, and James’ painted, layered surface grounding spontaneous drawing big story, the painted and drawn line created sophisticated compositions.  Elsewhere, Gil’s careful and intentional collage, embellished by painted mark making in Tall Mumm responds to Griffis’ mixed media work created with found fabrics, sewn and painted - the evocative winter storm, while Krause’ digital print over silver leaf on wood, Spot for Contemplation transcends its digital process, and speaks to a kind of timelessness of beauty in the natural landscape.  Fekete’s work The Art of Discretion, references historical prints from vintage sources, demonstrating his skill as a draftsman.  The gallery fosters long term relationships with each of these artists, trusting in their individual creative journeys, and believing in the multitude of ways in which the viewer can be nourished by bearing witness to this process.